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Orga Committee


Organization Committee is a monthly meeting where internal organization topics are discussed.

Decisions should have impacts Corporate wide.

Which topics ?

Here are classic organizational topics which can be submitted to this committee:

  • Internal IT
  • Professional Services organization
  • Business Services organization
  • Finance and Accounting Management
  • Security Issues
  • HR management

How to submit a new subject ?

Please use the specific form to express your needs.

You will find the Form here: ComiteOrga_ModeleDemande_V2

Then, submit the document on prod6 server.

You will be invited to indicate several information like:

  • Orga Committee date where the subject will be discussed
  • Due Date
  • Title
  • Etc.

Which deliverables expect ?

A new organization improvment will have several deliverables:

  • New procedure or existing procedure update
  • Existing software new configuration, or config update
  • New IT environment
Organization Committee